Picasso’s Now Offers A Gluten Free Pizza!

December 14th, 2010
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Today I had lunch at our neighborhood Picasso’s blocks from our house. I tasted Picasso’s BRAND NEW gluten free pizza and was totally impressed. I have got to say that after trying a few local gluten free pizzas around Dallas this one was HANDS DOWN the best. There are a number of reasons why I loved this pizza but the biggest was it was “thin crust”. I ate at Fireside Pies last week and sampled theirs and to be honest it tasted like the gluten free frozen pizza crust I purchase from Whole Foods. Just like it. It was good but nothing I couldn’t make at home. Picasso’s was that thin crust that honestly freaked me out it was so good…for a minute I thought they had made a mistake and it was their regular pizza. It is a must try!

Picasso’s started about 16 years ago by Andrew and Jennifer Albert, and throughout the years they have expanded to three locations: One in Lake Highlands, One in Preston Hollow, and one in the Bent Tree area. Whenever I have a photo shoot that runs over dinner time and my husband has the three kids it is a sure thing they order Picasso’s to be delivered to the house.

If you don’t know Picasso’s it isn’t your regular greasy pizza place, it’s gourmet pizza with fresh, healthy toppings. I ordered Peperoncini peppers and Canadian bacon on my gluten free pizza and it was out of this world delicious. Seriously good! Their restaurant is family friendly, in fact whenever we go we always run into someone we know because we live in a community that loves to support local businesses. This is one for sure worth supporting. I am so excited I can FINALLY eat pizza with the rest of my family! No more delivering on nights that Moms not home. Pizza is now back in my Celiac world.

I wanted to mention also because this shows what pride Picasso’s had taken when making the leap to offering gluten free items on their menu. They guaranteed that all gluten free dishes were prepped in their own pots and pans and gluten free dedicated cutters and utensils so they have zero cross contamination. This was refreshing to hear as so many restaurants you just have no idea how their kitchen is set up. That speaks volumes. A few other items you can “request” gluten free are: grilled chicken, fish, hamburgers no bun, and pork chops. Just let them know you are gluten free and they will take care of you.

Amy Twomey writes for the gluten free food blog I am a celiac. She is currently working on her first gluten free cookbook that she hopes to have published by 2011.

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